Cutest Little Girl Reacts To Sliding Down On A Rollercoaster

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Rumble Roller coasters are amazing, fun and at the same time absolutely terrifying attractions in amusement parks. These giant track loops with trolleys twirl excited people in a circular motion, throw them up in the air and then drop them down to the ground and give the chance to the bodies of our brave riders to experience the full power Earth’s gravity. For some strange reason, people think that this makes a fun and exciting past time, so every self-respecting amusement park has this attraction.

When you are at the very top of the hill, you prepare with a sinking heart for an exciting fall down. The speed at the descent increases so quickly that you feel something strange in your stomach. Some visitors to the attraction like this feeling, and some will never want to experience it again. Whatever category of people you belong to, calm down, your organs inside are not going to get messed up, and the liver does not get in the place of the spleen. This strange sensation in the body is caused by a free fall.

Having all of this in mind, it is not difficult to understand the fear that grips most people when they are about to take a ride on these attractions. But there is a flip side to it – the fear, regardless how great it is also bringing immense excitement. It is a strange thing: love it or hate it, you know that you will be scared, but still, when you come to the park, you climb on these roller coasters. After a few minutes of fear, you enjoy yourself to the fullest, you climb down, you promise yourself never to approach them again, but then the cycle repeats again.

Kids and adults have the same reaction to riding the rollercoaster, especially when they are doing it for the first time. Have you seen how people look when they roll on a roller coaster? Then look and laugh at this video and a young girl’s precious reaction.

This is the moment a four-year-old instantly regretted her decision to go on a “big ride” rollercoaster. Little Lyla had bravely agreed to ride the coaster called Orange Streak at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. But her initial smile almost instantly gives way to a grimace as the regret at her decision becomes apparent when the rollercoaster takes its first big dip. As she squirms with horror at the speed the coaster is travelling, her mom Kara Leavell is in stitches of laughter next to her.

The video abounds in precious moments: you can turn your sound off and enjoy reading the swings of fear relief and comfort out of the sweetest and most innocent face in the world. If you decide to keep it on, you will hear the cutest comments: “This is Horrible!” “Is it over?” “Holy God!”

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