Brit tourist captures rare moment pride of lions take down giraffe in Tanzania

Newsflare Published June 14, 2018 1,530 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeA retired British tourist on safari with his wife captured the moment a pride of lions stalk and kill a giraffe in Tanzania.

Video captured by David Howard, 64, shows two lions silently maneuvering through the undergrowth towards their prey, which had been calmy enjoying a breakfast of acacia leaves.

The big cats catch and take down the female giraffe, their jaws and claws proving too much of a match.

Howard, based in Nailsea, Bristol, was on the trip to the Ngorongoro Conservation area with his wife Grete.

On a blog post about the incident, Grete writes that it is extremely rare for lions to attempt to take down a fully grown giraffe, because of their size.

Howard told Newsflare: "My wife and I were on a holiday in Tanzania arranged by Calabash African Adventures. On this particular morning, our excellent driver and guide Malisa went off-road to hunt for lions and found this pride stalking their prey.

"It was really interesting observing the tactics, joining the chase and witnessing the final moments, although sad for the giraffe. A number of lions benefitted for some days and later by other animals and birds in the food chain."