Watch two chihuahuas try air swimming on Lancashire beach for the first time

Newsflare Published June 14, 2018 496 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThese chihuahuas are trying their best to play it cool – even though they're really out of their depth.

Footage captured near Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, shows the two pups flailing as their owners, including 11-year-old Anna, hold them aloft.

Although the owners are laughing, the dogs - four-year-old Winnie and two-year-old Tommy, the fluffy one, look confused as ever.

"Winnie and Tommy are Anna's best friends," explains mum Tracey.

"The dogs don't like water at all and before the film hadn't ventured anywhere near the sea or any other body of water. They wouldn't even walk through a puddle!"

She adds: "We were therefore extremely surprised to see them run straight into the sea and start swimming on this particular day (possibly because it was very hot weather and the shallow water was warm)."

"I got my phone out to film them swimming but they very quickly got out of their depth and looked to be struggling. Anna and my husband scooped them up out of the sea and by the time I began filming they had started air swimming! We have never seen them do this before. Tommy was floundering a bit but Winnie looked as if it was something she did every day and was quite the expert air swimmer!"