Buffalo rescued after falling into disused well

NewsflarePublished: June 14, 2018
Published: June 14, 2018

A buffalo that was stuck in a disused well was rescued after locals used a digger to scoop out the soil surrounding the hold.

The farm animal fell into the hole in Surin, Thailand, on April 17, and villagers were unable to pull him out.

They called in local council chief Somjit Naamsawang, to find a solution. Somjit contacted a truck driver to pull out the mud and dig the ground next to the well to rescue to buffalo which was growing tired from his struggle for hours.

When the driver didn't answer the phone, Somjit started up the truck himself and proceeded to release the buffalo back to his owner.

Don received back his exhausted buffalo after three hours of rescuing. He said he left a group of his buffalos out grass feeding on the north side of the old abandoned well.

When he came back to collect them he thought one went off and got lost. He went around to look for it and found him stuck in waterless abandoned well and couldn't get back out since the well is narrow.

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