Dirty Dancing Fail At Wedding Leads To Epic Face-plant

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Published: June 13, 2018

These guys quickly turned into real life wedding CRASHERS - thanks to a painful fail leaving the bride’s brother face-planting the dancefloor.

In a scene regularly spotted on dancefloors at weddings around the world, these pals thought they would show off by recreating the famous Dirty Dancing lift scene.

As on-lookers make space for the confident pair, the bride’s brother Tony runs towards his dance partner before throwing his hands into the air and leaping into his arms.

But as he begins to go skywards, it’s quickly obvious they have misjudged and continues moving through the air, with the other man unable to hold him.

He ends up being dropped face-first onto the hard dance floor, as his pals surround him to make sure he isn’t seriously hurt.

The painful moment was captured by Anthony Fierro, from Fullerton, California, while attending his close friend’s wedding in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico on May 26 2018.


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