Girl Cries Because She Doesn't Want To Become A Grown Up

Published June 13, 2018 331 Plays $0.66 earned

Rumble We’ve all had moments where we longed to be a carefree child again, but for four-year-old Emma Suetta that feeling came early. The adorable toddler was filmed sitting at the family’s kitchen table in floods of tears at the thought of “becoming a grown up”. Her sympathetic mom Shelly, from Scott Valley, California, can be heard asking, “Tell me what’s wrong.” To which little Emma replies, “I don’t want to turn five. I just want to be a kid like this!” As Emma wipes away tears rolling down her face, Shelly asks, “You want to be a kid every day?” Almost instantly Emma says, “Yeah! I just want to be four instead of being a grown up.”

Little Emma has just confronted the fact that she won’t stay a little girl forever because five, according to this crying girl, is the age form which there is no turning back. It is an entry in the world of grown ups and that sounds very scary to her. What prompted Emma to contemplate the question of aging is not clear but you know little kids will always be little kids with their quirky ideas and never ending questions, which makes our lives more fulfilling. What can you say to a crying toddler who doesn’t want to join the world of adults? Emma’s mom uses the softest tone of voice ever to calm down her daughter.

Her comforting tactics comes down to asking her daughter a lot of questions about this tough topic to which Emma has an already prepared answers accompanied by the sweetest crying face possible. If sadness can be categorized as funny and silly, then this girl takes the lead. Regardless of her red face and the sea of tears trickling down her face, she makes our day brighter and she steals a smile or two. The hilarious clip quickly gained views on social media after Shelly uploaded it to show friends and family.

Kids cry for various reasons, sometimes they are justified sometime they are not. Whatever is the reason for kids’ sadness, they are equally cute and lovable. Children enrich our lives and give meaning to it, making every day more challenging and exciting.

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