Leo the Dog Meets a Baby Moose and They Become Fast Friends

Storyful Published June 12, 2018 2,576 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsShannon Lugdon witnessed a special interaction between her dog, Leo, and a baby moose named Maggie as they met for the first time and became instant pals on June 3 in Wallagrass, Maine. According to reports, Lugdon heard Maggie calling for her mom the morning before this video was filmed but was instructed to leave the baby moose alone in hopes her mother would return. Lugdon and her family woke up on Sunday morning to no sight of Maggie but were pleasantly surprised when Leo located her almost immediately after being let outside. Maggie has since been relocated to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, Maine. Credit: Shannon Lugdon via Storyful