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Swimming Pool Loaded On Truck Capsizes On The Road

Some strange sights can be witnessed across the roads of this world not least of which is this dash cam video of an accident waiting to happen.

In the clip that was apparently taken on June 2, 2018, on a quiet road in Florianópolis, SC, Brasil. We see a transportation trailer wobbling its load along the road. The transporter decided to mount an entire pool on the truck’s trailer without taking the time to even think about its safety, let alone ensure a safe transportation of the load. The people in the car behind find this load’s safety not only unsatisfactory but also indicative of an accident waiting to happen sooner or later. All signs are present: the mounted swimming pool is larger than the entire trailer, it is light but despite the weight, it has a larger surface that treats the air it receives from the truck’s movement as a sail would and is only loosely fastened. All of these signs alarm the people in the car that the pool is to capsize sooner or later. Watch what happens next in the video at the top of the page!

This is what the owner of the video said about this event: "We were going to the north island of Florianopolis when we saw an unusual situation. A big size swimming pool swaying from side to side with the south wind coming. So, I decided to film and what happened next was unexpected!"

The pool eventually capsized, however, as luck may have it, no damage was done, either to the vehicle or to the surrounding cars. Also, it turned out that the pool was fine as well. They up-righted the trailer, put the pool back on and continued with the delivery and installation. We just wish the police was somewhere around to witness this!

It is not to the whim of the authorities to “invent” road and load safety regulations. These exist for a good reason and every driver stepping into the vehicle must think about this, especially if he or she carries passengers, then the responsibility is even higher. If you were this truck’s driver, you could even have thought to yourself “What can so be dangerous on the road? I’ve done this millions of times!” well, as you could see in the video, the answer is - almost everything! In order to live happily ever after, to enjoy every day, our motorists need to learn an important safety lesson which you can save you from a lot of unnecessary problems. Even if you are in the utmost hurry, you must pay attention to the terrible statistics of those caught in an accident.

Everyone thinks that nothing will happen to them, but even if that is so, it is necessary to abide by certain rules.

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