This Dog Likes To Sleep In A Very Strange Position

Published June 7, 2018 2,682 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever noticed your dog sleeping in a peculiar position? We are so accustomed to seeing our dogs sleep curled up like balls in what is known as the ‘fetal position’: wrapped up like a ball, paws underneath their bodies and tails wrapped around their faces. A position like that provides the most security for the canine, conserving body heat and protecting their vital parts. It may look like their are restful, while in reality, that position provides them with the ability to pounce at a moment’s notice.

Curling is a normal sleeping position for packs of wolves or wild dogs. It conserves space in the den, while protecting their babies and sharing body heat.

With domesticated dogs, however, you may be able to see sleeping positions that may look like they mean something for you precious pooch and you are most probably right. They might either sleep in a ‘Superman’, or ‘Superdog’ position, with paws outstretched back and forth. It is a very restful sleeping position and looks it too, but as soon as they hear you move, they will be up an ready in no time.

What really strikes us as adorably weird is the so-called ‘dead roach’ position. You know, back on the floor and paws up in the air. If you see your dog sleeping in this position, you can rest assured that your dog is happy, feels safe in its home and is confident in you and your family members. A dog’s belly is its most vulnerable spot and when a dog reveals the belly in its sleep, it is in a good place. Also, it is the most comfortable and restful position for a dog to sleep into. Not to mention that it is the perfect way for a pooch to cool down quickly, especially in the summer period.

And finally, we have doofuses like this fella. Everybody, meet Merlin. He is a sweet guy, loves his family and makes sure he shows it. For example, his owners would probably lovingly say that Merlin is a slipper thief and we can’t blame him. Those things really smell like his owners and he probably just wants to shower them with all the love he can muster.

But what is really weird but cute about this doofus is his love of the family couch and this spot in particular. Apparently, Merlin the Shiba Inu hates it when someone takes his spot and this is his way of showing it. Paws in the air, teeth bared from gravity, tucked in nice in his favorite spot on the couch. Ah, that is the life.

Apparently, Merlin is not the only dog that likes to sleep like this. This German Shepherd, for instance, likes to sleep in that same yoga-like position too. The kick is, he also snores when he sleeps like this. Yup, like an old man. Usually, it is dogs with stubby muzzles that snore every which way they sleep, but when any kind of dogs finds itself in such a sleeping position, there is bound to be some vibrations of the respiratory system.