Terrifying moment snake rescuer risks own life to save cobra

NewsflarePublished: June 7, 2018
Published: June 7, 2018

This is the scary moment a snake rescuer catches an Indian cobra and climbs a steep wall of a farm pond.

The deadly snake can be seen dangling inches away from the legs of the rescuer, ready to have a go at him.

The snake had been spotted in a large farm pond by villagers near Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, India.

The 12-year-old and 6-feet long cobra had slipped into the water and was unable to climb up.

A call was made to Animal Welfare Society, whose volunteers rushed to save the reptile from drowning.

The rescue was tricky as there was no place to stand at the bottom of the pond.

As a large crowd watched snake expert Akash Jadhav, 28, went down and caught the snake.

The cobra, which had been in water for nearly 12 hours, was extremely agitated. It had flared its hood to strike at anything that got close.

Jadhav climbed the steep wall holding the cobra in one hand and a rope in the other taking care to keep his legs inches away from the hissing snake.

Eyewitness Vishnu Joshi, 42, said: “From a distance it looked like the cobra was going to bite him. We were stunned to see a man risking his own life to save a snake.”
Jadhav said: “There were tense moments, but I am trained to rescue poisonous snakes. It was perhaps as risky as a driver taking out his car on a slippery road on a rainy day.”

Later, he spoke to the crowd and urged them not to kill the snakes as they were crucial to check rodents.

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