Thirsty Squirrel Grabs A Drink From Grand Canyon Visitors

StoryfulPublished: June 6, 201819,269 views
Published: June 6, 2018

A curious video has emerged of a friendly squirrel trying to quench its thirst by taking sips of water from stranger’s bottle. In this cute video, the grateful critter accepts the lending hand from the human, rushing to drown its worries in the water. Cuteness overload!

Paul Camps from Gloucester, England, was recently at the Grand Canyon in Arizona when he came across a squirrel acting peculiarly. The squirrel began to follow him and put its arms up to him like it wanted to be picked up. He passed his water bottle to his girlfriend so that he could take a picture of the unusual encounter on his phone. The moment he hit the recording button, the squirrel began to put its arms up towards his girlfriend, so the couple quickly realized that the squirrel was thirsty and wanted a sip of their drink.

Moments later, Paul held out the open bottle and handed it to the squirrel after which the little critter immediately drank from the bottle. Poor guy, it is soooo thirsty! Luckily, it knew how to attract visitors’ attention and make them realize that it is actually a matter of water. Watch as the squirrel quenches its thirst on the cold water until it’s almost empty, holding the bottle steady in its little paws the entire time. Needless to say we didn’t drink from the same bottle, joked Paul.

Baby animals are so adorable! They are so funny and cute with all their quirks when they’re little. You just want to hug them and kiss them all day long. Too precious! This video made our heart melt! The footage of baby squirrel drinking water from passing tourists is too cute for words. If somebody asked us to tell a definition of cuteness overload we would suggest them to watch this video. Simply adorable!

Generally speaking, squirrels are known for their acrobatic skills but also for their wily habit of stealing seeds from all sorts of bird feeders. Well, this funny video shows the little critter from a different perspective, putting its friendly nature in the spotlight.

This thirsty squirrel took a risk at getting close to this tourist’ water bottle as a cry for help in quenching its thirst. It is funny how the little guy approached these people and asked politely for a sip of water. Imagine that! A friendly squirrel is stopping you on the street just to demand a piece of fruit, or in this case a sip of water! How clever!

Namely, the brave critter took the courage to approach the unsuspecting passengers and ask for a taste of their cold water. How often do you see that happen? Now often enough! If we were to tell someone that a squirrel stopped us just to have a sip of our water bottle, we wouldn’t believe them! So, what did you think of this video?

Footage shows the incredible moment when a sleazy squirrel captures visitor’s attention by demanding a sip of their water. Fortunately, the adorable moment was caught on camera so that this adorable act of kindness is remembered!

What a rare sight being able to watch the sneaky critter as it grabs a drink, while not having to worry if the fast animal will disappear in a split second, should she hear a sound! Do you think this squirrel is tamed, or was it so desperate for water that it had to overcome its fear and approach the people? Share your comments in the section below!

Credit: Paul Camps via Storyful

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