Protective Cat Mom Won't Let Her Baby Go Outside

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Published: June 5, 2018

If you were to ask a mother what she really thought of her child, they will never tell you the gory details. For a mother, her children are the bestest, brightest, most beautiful little angels that could ever be. They are calm, graceful, they rarely make any noise, sleep like babies should and they are such a blessing.

But if said mother is a close friend and she knows she can trust you, she will tell you the ultimate, most gruesome truth - babies are hard. They cry almost all the time, makes noises you can almost never decipher, they puke and poop like no man’s business, they sleep for half an hour at a time and you will probably end up looking worse for wear at the end of it all. It is, however, a normal, expected part of life that parents accept when they decide they should expand their family. We still can’t judge mothers for sometimes completely ignoring their children when they start throwing tantrums like it is the last thing they will ever do. They will calm down...eventually…

But when you see an animal mother do something like that, it seems a bit...odd. We have been taught that animals have the purest, deepest maternal instinct that never fails to care for their younglings. But even a mother in the animal kingdom can get tired of her babies being constantly attached to her teat and they should be able to shun them away. Or close a door in front of them.

This is the hilarious moment a mother cat accidentally leaves her kitten outside a door in eastern China. In the clip, shot in Heze City in Shandong Province on May 20, a mother cat uses her paw to try to open a door with her kitten standing in front of her. When she succeeds in pulling the door open, the door knocks the kitten flat. However, its mum just walks through, leaving the kitten outside.

We think we have not seen anything as hilarious as this. It looks like an older building, with a heavy door that even humans have trouble opening sometimes. But mama cat has developed her own technique of opening the doorway and getting inside for whatever reason needed. She pokes her paw through the slit, grabs the tarp that has been attached to the door with her mighty nail and pulls it towards herself. That’s how doors work, right?

The only problem in this picture is the tiny kitten standing in front of its mama and waiting to go inside with her. The cat opens the door and, for some reason, seems to forget that one of her offspring is right in the path. The door clamps the kitten underneath, while the mom casually walks in and lets the door slam shut, leaving the kitty outside.

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