Flaming Meteor Filmed Crashing Down To Earth

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Published: June 4, 2018

The present is a fun time to live in. It is extremely contradictory. On one hand, we are sending aircraft into space, we are analyzing all of the rocks that are drifting into the black vastness called universe while on the other we still have entire civilizations living in poverty and struggling for the next meal. We are reaching for the stars, but we still don’t know even a half of what the deep blue waters of the oceans hold. It looks as though it’s been ages since we, humans, have been on the planet, but in reality, our existence can be measured in hours relative to the original age of this ball of rock we call home. It seems that even the grandest of inventions are not that grand compared to the complex functioning of the universe, and these facts can get extremely scary.

If there is one thing to be sure about, it’s that the future is uncertain. Just think about all of those futuristic books we read about as kids. Usually, they were set in the new millennium, around the time we live in now. They were talking about hovering cars and trips to the Sun, life with a million gadgets and intergalactic friendships, but the reality is much less glamorous. It seems that our imagination will have to work a tad bit longer because we’re so far off track as a civilization, it might take us another millennium to get there. But we’re working on it.

We might need space travel for a lot more pressing matters than just exploring new territories. One of the greatest fears of mankind have been meteorites, and rightly so. They have been raining down on the Earth ever since it was created, but sometimes they have been so deadly they have managed to eradicate a whole village, even a whole ecosystem. It is believed that a asteroid was to blame for the disappearance of dinosaurs and the beginning of the Ice Age. It hit just off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, changing the face of the planet forever. Protecting ourselves from an onslaught of nasty meteorites is one of the reasons why space travel might come in handy.

A meteor was captured crashing down to Earth near a farm in South Africa. The CCTV cameras caught the fiery ball slicing through the sky and crashing behind the trees. Meteors, otherwise called meteorites, are made when little lumps of shake and trash in space fall through a planet's air. Gigantic protest passing Earth 'meandering in interstellar space for ages'. They leave a brilliant trail as they are warmed by the grinding of the air. In the event that they hit the ground, they turn into a shooting star.

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