Kittie little cats play with their Mom

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Rumble / Cats & KittensOne day Maria came home and found her Mother cat play with her kitties on bed , although she doesn't like cats to play on her bed but she was so kind not to harm any animal neither she or her daughter Mali

Cats in general are so kind animals , Parents in general likes to bring their new porn child a cute animal to play with , Most of them prefer cats for their kindness , cuteness and they are very small .

Parents usually bring their child cat food from store or they let her eat the bones and the left out from food , People are so kind with cats in general as they provide food and shelter for them as they let the house clean from rats , Mali likes to bring new porn kitties to the house and her mother not bothered with this action as she likes them too .

What would u do if u ever find a homeless cat in the street in cold days ??