Dog Melts To The Floor Whenever Her Sweet Spot Is Scratched

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you have a sweet spot? You know, that one spot on your entire body which, when touched or scratched, sends shivers down your spine and makes you melt down into a puddle on the floor? Of course, you do, we all have them. It is just that we don’t actually meltdown and splatter on the ground, unlike this curious pooch! Cuteness overload!

With dogs, it is an entirely different story. If you ever had the honor to give a dog a nice, loving scratch on the chin or behind the ears, you probably know what we are talking about. Some dogs thump their hind legs in the air when you scratch their bellies and it is the most hilarious thing to watch. In reality, it isn’t so much a signal of enjoyment, but rather an involuntary reflex; their brains register these belly scratches as if they are irritants or bugs. There is no harm there though.

With Crimson here, her sweet spot is not on the belly or behind the ears, but rather right beneath her jaw. Naturally, she loves having it scratched. Whenever her owner lies down on the couch for some down time, Crimson is right there, hoping for some relaxation for herself.

Who can resist those blue eyes? With an arm outstretched, the woman pets her dog and Crimson is loving every moment of it. But then, the woman lowers her hand and starts scratching the dog on the chin and the effect is beyond obvious. Crimson squints her eyes with pleasure and swoons a bit towards the scratching hand, but the catches herself. Oh, this is good! That’s the spot! Keep scratching!

So good, in fact, that she finally gives into the temptation and just splatters herself on the floor, perpendicular to the couch that holds the hand that gives such delightful scratches and waits for the treatments to continue. She even makes sure the hand doesn’t go away, so she places one paw on top, securing the scratcher in place. Isn’t she just the cutest thing ever?

Crimson is very sweet and polite about it, but there are dogs out there that just won’t take no for an answer. Just check out this other video of a Golden Lab demanding them endless chin scratches from owner. This needy dog demands full attention and won’t let owner stop scratching.

Every dog has a sweet spot which sends them into fits of nirvana, giving them a vibrating sensation all over their entire body, making them shiver. Usually, it is right on the belly and when scratched, they stomp their foot in the air or twitch their tails. It is both adorable and hilarious to witness, forcing us to keep scratching that spot. What a bonding activity that is, owner and pet, scratching their worries away. But every once in a while a dog will appear that has a sweet spot elsewhere on their body and the reaction is much more different than when scratched on the belly. Just check this sweet pooch who was sent into the sweetest nirvana when owner hit the spot! Incredible!

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