Kangaroo Farts And Uses Hand To Waft It Towards Friend

Published May 31, 2018 8,473 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsNow, be honest with us for a moment here. There is no point in hiding or denying it. We all have had that one point in a day when we feel like our bellies will explode, after eating a nice big meal. That stuff has to go somewhere and you better not keep it. In fact, we will let you in on a little secret: if you keep them in, they will go to your head and who knows what kind of a mess they will make there!

Of course, we are kidding, but suffice it to say, keeping your flatulence in is a very, very bad idea. There are cultures around the world that do not scorn the pure, natural act of passing gas in public. But if you really, really need to set it loose, make sure no one is around. And for goodness sake, do not do what this baby animal did right in front of the camera.

This adopted baby kangaroo has been caught in the act! His caretaker filmed him releasing a fart and then waft it away with his tiny paw. If he wasn’t so incredibly adorable, it would’ve been nasty!

Mrs. Georgina Steytler has been devoted to adopting kangaroo joeys in her home with her husband in Toodyay, Western Australia. The pair keep the in pouches around the house, making them feel like they are with their mommies still. She has two baby grey roos, one of them being the star of this here show, named Possum.

She says she noticed the joey being slightly gassy the entire day, so she decided to film him and see what happens. Boy, are we grateful for this decision of hers. The babe casually takes a stand in front of the camera and begins the symphony of flatulence.

First he starts with a silent, soft whistle, almost indiscernible from the surrounding noise. The joey sure felt it and boy, did Georgina heart it. Her giggle gave it away, but the baby roo didn’t really care what happened. Instead, he set another one loose, louder and ...juicier? Could we use that word in this context? Doesn’t matter really, because this is too stinkin’ adorable to watch!

Possum releases a few more gassy bombs for his viewers, before reaching out behind his butt and wafting the aroma around. Doesn’t get any cuter than that!

The star of this clip will stay with his caretakers for another month or so, before they release them in the bush and back to the wild where they belong by the end of this year.