Little Girl Gets A Puppy Surprise For Her Birthday

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Published: May 30, 2018

What kid doesn’t want a puppy all for themselves? It is a friend that does not leave your side no matter what and is always there to keep them company and solace in time of need. Kids that get to grow up with a dog learn some crucial lessons in life from the best teacher. Dogs can teach kids stuff like compassion, fair play, sharing and unconditional love, principles which we hope you will agree with us are very important.

Do you remember the first time you asked for a pet? You nagged your mom and dad, begging for that sweet little ball of fluffy that you saw on the street or at the pet store. “I’ll love ‘im, and pet ‘im, and feed ‘im, and walk ‘im…” were probably the words you chanted over and over, in the hopes of convincing mama and dada that you are old and mature enough to take care of another living being.

Now, naturally, parents will think long and hard whether or not they should get their kids a pet of their own, since it is a very big deal having a living, breathing thing to take care of. But since it is an excellent way of teaching kids obligations and routine, some eventually give in to the nagging requests of their little ones.

Take Tatum here, for example. She wanted a pup of her own for so long, she kept seeing her puppy in all the dogs that passed her by. She even picked a name out for the one she will have some day - Winston. So when her parents decided to finally give into her wish, they set up one very elaborate scheme on the day of her birthday, one that threw her off the rails completely. In a good way.

In this video, the family friends are seen stopping by when they see the Tatum’s family eating dinner. The couple bring over a puppy with them, one that incredibly is called Winston. The girl immediately gets up at the sight of the puppy. One of the family friends asks Tatum if she would like to hold the pup.

As the girl holds the puppy, her mother says, “Hey, Tatum, look at me. Happy birthday.” It takes a moment to sink in, but the girl realizes that the puppy is a birthday gift for her. She immediately cries in joy when she realizes the puppy she’s holding is for her.

“It’s been three years since my daughter first asked for a puppy,” the mother said. “Every single time she walks by a little puppy, she says, ‘Look, Mom, it’s Winston!’”

Winston is what her daughter would call all puppies as they walked by.

“One week before her actual birthday, my good friend and her son helped us create the big surprise,” the mother explained. “They posed as new dog owners of a sweet little poochon (poodle and bichon frise) puppy who they 'named' Winston.”

“We were eating dinner out and they came strolling by ‘unexpectedly’ while we ate, and here is what happened.”

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