4 years ago

French Bulldog From Austin, Texas Is The Next Opera Great

Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo, Maria Callas, Andrea Bocelli and, …and Walter, so far only Walter. However, after this video goes viral, the opera singing French Bulldog is bound to get a fabulous last name and his own plaque in the hall of the greatest opera singers of all time. Be one of the first to check the video that, we prophesize, will swipe the Internet in the few weeks to follow. Yep folks, it is that amazing!

This is Walter, a French Bulldog from Austin, Texas, USA. Walter is one of those canines who just loves to talk back. If he is not pleased with a situation, he will not hesitate to voice his opinion, and voice it he does in a very unusual manner that deserves a standing ovation by all the people in this world!

In this video, Walter’s owner dared to take her time away from him and engage herself in a conversation with a friend outside the car. Walter wanted to be part of the conversation or else he was not going to let her talk! What he does in a sign of protest will make you literally laugh out loud! Watch the video on the top of the page!

This dog can really pull out a magnificent voice! These sounds really don't even sound like they can come from a dog, but they do. This dog literally sings opera!

We can't wait to hear your comments and opinions on his singing! Do be the first to share in the comment section below!.

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