Driver Narrowly Avoids Near-Collision With Overtaking Lorry

Storyful Published May 29, 2018 539 Plays

Rumble / Close CallsA quick-thinking driver in Thailand’s Chanthaburi Province narrowly avoided a collision with a lorry on May 16 after the lorry attempted an overtaking maneuver close to a bend in the road. The driver fortunately moved into the hard shoulder in time.

This is the terrifying moment a driver was confronted with two lorries, travelling side by side, hurtling towards him. The man was driving on a rural road in Thailand at the time and managed to capture the nail-biting pass on his dashboard camera. The manoeuvre would have been made even more hair raising if it had been raining. Luckily, that was not the case and the driver escaped skidding off the road. The driver of the lorry didn’t bother to even pull the brakes seeing that a possible accident is at hand. He just kept on driving as if he were the only one on the road.

As he rounded the corner, two lorries travelling side by side suddenly came into view. One of the lorries was trying to overtake the other one on the wrong side of the road and it showed no sign of stopping for the oncoming car. The quick-thinking car driver was forced to move his car as close to the edge of the road as possible and he successfully avoided near collision as the two lorries hurtled past just inches from his vehicle. Fortunately, the vehicles passed each other without any incidents. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Thailand has one of the worst record of deaths caused by traffic accidents in the world.