Colourblind woman sees bright mural for first time with enchroma glasses

Newsflare Published May 25, 2018 5 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsThis colourblind woman who receives Enchroma glasses for her 20th birthday is amazed when she looks at a brightly-coloured mural.

Savannah Cottom, from Oklahoma, was given the colour-correcting specs as a gift after years of wanting to own a pair.

Video shows the moment she goes with her family to gaze at a brightly-coloured mural.

She is amazed and points out colours that she has never seen before.

Savannah shares the glasses with her father, who is also colourblind.

"We both were especially shocked by the true reds and pinks," Savannah said. "I am so excited that I have these glasses and a fun video to remember that special day when I saw true colour for the first time."

Although approximately one in 12 men has colour blindness, the condition among women is very rare.

But Savannah uses this as an advantage and takes a keen interest in the condition.

She says: "I always loved learning about the eyes and how colourblindness works.

"Now, as a college student at the University of Oklahoma, my major is Biology Pre-Med.

She adds: "Part of me likes being a colourblind girl because it is so rare, and I always have a good fun fact for icebreaker games.

"Sometimes my colourblindness has led to funny, yet embarrassing stories.

"Once, I attended a breakfast filled with senators, politicians, past governors and more with pink eyebrows because I had mistaken my pink liquid matte lipstick for eyebrow filler, and couldn't notice the difference!"

The video was filmed on May 12.