Toddler tries to eat biscuit balanced on her nose

Newsflare Published May 24, 2018 2,270 Plays

Rumble / Babies & Kids - This adorable toddler became a star - with this hilarious video of her trying to eat a biscuit balanced on her nose.

Three-year-old Hailey Nicole Custodio was copying a game on a variety show where contestants race to see who can reach the snack quickest with their tongue.

Hailey's mum Ella filmed her daughter attempting to get the biscuit in her mouth without using her hands - with impossibly cute consequences.

The little girl was seen twitching her face, sticking out her tongue, and pulling a series of adorable looks before eventually giving up and cheekily grabbing the cheese cracker and with her hand.

However, little Hailey did manage to pull off the trick the second time round - prompting applause from her family in Pampanga, Philippines, on May 10.

The amusing video was so popular in Hailey's home country that she was even invited onto the GMA Network's "Wowowin" game show herself, which hosts the very "biscuit challenge" she was copying - several days later on May 21.

Proud mum Ella said: ''My little baby has become the 'princess of the biscuit challenge.' I can't believe how famous she has become. We're so proud of her. She's so lovely and now she's on the TV show too.''