Twin Propeller Aircraft Struggle In Heavy Crosswinds At Airport

Newsflare Published May 23, 2018 390 Plays

Rumble / Airplane Incidents - Heavy crosswinds at Bristol airport took their toll on twin-propellor aircraft both taking off and landing. The video from April 17 shows how the planes - from companies such as Aer Lingus and Aurigny - wobble in the wind as the pilots fight to line up the aircraft with the runway. Flights from Bristol go from as close as Cork and as far away as Greece.

An aircraft enthusiast has captured Bristol Airport planes in some scary landings during strong winds. The video shows the planes coming in to land at the North Somerset airport. Winds got very high in Bristol, making the landing tricky for pilots.The aircraft arriving from Guernsey and Cork wobbles on the approach and comes in at an angle to keep the planes on course.

After landing they swerve violently to try and stay centres on the tarmac. The strong southerly wind affects the flights and makes these landings particularly hazardous for the pilots. Despite the scary swaying as they come into land, the pilots arrive safely.

The planes are being blown from side to side by an intense wind as they are trying to touch ground at the airport. Despite the extreme gusts, the pilots manages to keep their nerves and bring the aircraft to the land safely. For nervous fliers, crosswind landings can be terrifying, but pilots receive thorough training on how to perform them. On approach, they bring the plane in sideways to keep the nose lined up with the runway - it’s a technique known as a ‘crab’ landing.