Hopeless Romantic Proposes To GF On Plane

CENPublished: May 23, 2018
Published: May 23, 2018

Gabriel Zamfir

Like something straight from an over-sentimental Bollywood movie, an Indian man secretly boarded an internal flight just so that he could address his lover on the intercom and drop to one knee to propose to her.

The romantic gesture took place on an internal flight from Indore, in west-central India, to Goa on the western coast.

Passengers were stunned when Narendra Anandani boarded the plane just before take-off and summoned his wife-to-be to come to the flight deck.

He travelled over 450 kilometres (280 miles) from Nagpur to Indore just so that he could surprise the love of his life.

Airport director Aryama Sanyal told local media: "The girl had no idea that her lover would be at Indore Airport. She boarded her flight as usual."

In video footage, the unnamed woman has just sat in her seat when a familiar voice comes over the intercom.

Stunned, she slowly makes her way to the flight deck as other passengers rubberneck to watch the wedding proposal unfold.

As she approaches Narendra, he drops to one knee and pops the question.

The couple embraces as airport staff, who was in on the act and made special arrangements, hold up signs saying: "Will you marry me?"

The woman happily said "yes" and the couple flew to Goa to celebrate their engagement.

The airport director congratulated the young couple and praised the efforts of the cabin crew: "IndiGo Airlines staff sprang to action and helped him propose."

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