Cute Little Girl Teaches Big Dog To Howl

AFVVirals Published May 22, 2018 115 Plays

Rumble We do love when little kids try to teach their dogs how to do anything from acts to things that dogs do naturally. The little girl in this video is trying to teach her dog how to howl. Or maybe the dog is training her how to howl. Either way it is totally adorable and the dog and little girl have a pretty cute back and forth with each other. It’s worth your time.

So, why do dogs still howl from time to time? To start, not every breed can or does howl naturally. Some you have to train, others are stereotypically known to do it like bloodhounds and bassets. There are several reasons that dogs start group howls. These include to warn off predators encroaching on territory, calling lost pack members home, or helping the pack find individual members, or calling when they have cornered prey. At the end of the day, communication aside, it appears that howling is way for dogs to bond with one another. Kind of like a group jamboree.

In some dogs, howling is part of growing old and in some articles we read kind of makes it sound like older dogs becoming curmudgeons and just using howling as a way to complain about their old age aches. For others it is a way for them to get attention. They know that if they howl, humans or other dogs will respond to them. As for howling when police or fire or ambulance sirens roll by, many experts believe it is just a response to something that kind of sounds like a howl. The dog is joining with the noises they are hearing.