Here Is A List Of Ten Actors Speculated To Be Overpaid

WatchMojo Published May 22, 2018 259 Plays $0.58 earned

Rumble Hiring these guys isn't exactly a bargain. From Will Smith, to Adam Sandler, to Brad Pitt, these actors probably make a bit too much money, especially based on the box office returns of some of their films. WatchMojo ranks the top overpaid actors and for this list we are looking at the actors whose salaries are higher than they should be, given their box office results and/or the poor quality of their performances, at least in some cases.

Despite the rocky beginning, Ben Affleck’s career really took off when he began directing and pursuing more dramatic roles. However, the dimple-chinned actor has gone on to appear in several critically pulverizing movies. Granted Affleck’s performances have always been strong, often being universally hailed as stand-out parts of divisive films. Even so, at points during the 2010s, films he was in made only $12.30 for every $1 he was paid, making for a bad investment. He was hoping either he or casting agents can make better choices in the future.

Once the fresh prince of the box office, holding several records for starring in films grossing in a hundreds millions, Will Smith’s fortunes got flipped, turned upside down during the 2010s. Although the actor is still a box office draw, and his performances remain full of charisma, Smith was featured in a number of critical failures as well as some unexpected flops and misfires. This resulted in him earning $1 for every five madeby theaters for his films in 2016, which definitely qualifies as overpaid, no matter how much love is there for the guy!

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