'Thirsty' UK paraglider makes surprise landing in pub garden - then buys locals a pint

Newsflare Published May 22, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdThis is the amazing moment a British adrenaline junkie surprised locals by buying them a pint - after he landed in the pub garden by paraglider.

Johnny "the Airman" Ehrman stunned locals at the 14th-century Rhydspence Inn in England's West Midlands when he dramatically dropped in unannounced from the sky into the garden belonging to the pub.

"What do you reckon, the pub? Looks like a perfect landing zone!" Ehrman can be heard saying while paragliding above the pub, with views of the beautiful Herefordshire countryside as far as the eye can see.

Once safely on the ground, he starts chuckling to himself and says: "That is called landing at the pub!"

He later wrote online: “I had been flying for an hour and was getting thirsty when I looked down and thought the pub just looked too inviting to miss,” explains Ehrman.

Regular drinkers Robby and Jimmy said: “It was amazing. One minute we were enjoying a peaceful pint in the garden when all of a sudden this giant wing came out of nowhere – we could hear him laughing as he landed and then he came over and bought us all a pint.

"He was great fun too. Johnny certainly knows how to get a party started!”

Ehrman was making a charity flight to support Dorset Air Ambulance.