Hero Cop Saves Suicidal Hospital Patient From Jumping

CENPublished: May 22, 2018
Published: May 22, 2018

Alex Cope

This is the moment a hero cop stops a patient from jumping to his death from a hospital roof by grabbing the man around the neck and dragging him to safety.

The startling scenes were recorded in the city of Cienaga in the Colombian department of Magdalena.

The patient, 33, had climbed to the fourth-floor roof terrace at the Cienaga Polyclinic and was reportedly threatening to commit suicide as he was sick of the pains in his back.

In the video, the patient can be seen sat on the edge of the roof with police officer Ronald Charris stood close-by.

The unnamed patient can be heard sobbing as Charris asks him about his documentation.

When the patient looks away for a moment, the officer leaps into action, grabbing the man around the neck and dragging him back onto the roof with the help of hospital staff and other officers.

The man recording the scenes can be heard shouting: "Grab him!"

The patient is then carried by the group of hospital staff and cops and taken into the hospital.

Charris told reporters: "In a matter of seconds I launched myself (at the patient), I took him by the neck and, with the help of the duty doctors, I took him into a bedroom to be attended to."

Police Colonel Gustavo Verdugo said: "The national police work to protect and preserve the lives of everyone and the brave actions of Superintendent Ronald Charris truly make us feel motivated to continue working and fulfilling our constitutional duty."

Charris was given a day’s rest for his actions and the patient is being treated in the hospital, according to reports.

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