Moroccan Teacher Filmed Repeatedly Slapping Girl Pupil

CENPublished: May 22, 2018
Published: May 22, 2018

Alex Cope

This footage shows a Moroccan teacher repeatedly slapping a female pupil in the face in class before pulling her hair to land another blow and reportedly calling her a "whore".

The disturbing scenes were filmed by one of the students in the class at the Imam Malek Institute in the Moroccan city of Khourigba, capital of the province of the same name.

In the video, the 59-year-old teacher can be seen launching two slaps into the sitting student's face, using his full body force in each slap.

The teacher then grabs the student by her hair and yanks her head closer to his body before delivering another slap.

Local media report that the teacher also called the student a "whore" in front of her classmates.

A police investigation began after the images were posted to social media and the teacher has now been arrested.

Local media are reporting that neither the victim nor her family had reported the incident to police before the investigation began.

One report suggested the arrested teacher was known for slapping his students when they misbehaved.

It is not known if the teacher has been charged or the student involved in the incident was injured.

In February last year a 10-year-old girl died in the Moroccan city of Meknes from an eye infection her mother claimed was caused by her teacher hitting her in the face.

Ministry of Education officials claimed the autopsy of the girl's body, named Hiba, showed she had not been beaten by her teacher.

Khourigba has a population of 196,196 (2014 census) and sits 154 kilometres (96 miles) from the capital Rabat.

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