Nerds Raise Eyebrows With Homemade War Machine

CENPublished: May 22, 2018
Published: May 22, 2018

Anastasia Smirnova

Nerds have raised eyebrows after inventing their own homemade remote control armoured war machine.

The unmanned reconnaissance buggy was unveiled at an exhibition staged by the Ukrainian military designed to encourage amateur inventors to come up with new ideas.

But, as the creator of the machine put it through its paces, it appeared that it was not quite ready for television's Robot Wars, let alone military conflict.

The strange-looking vehicle is based on a two-link chassis 4WD and is directed by a remote control which sends a signal to a lead-like antennae.

Smartphone footage filmed by an eyewitness shows the unnamed inventor manoeuvring the device around an open paved area with his remote control.

But, from the way he had to walk around with the device, never being more than a few steps away, it suggests there is some work to do before it is ready for operational use.

It went on display at the exhibition, entitled 'Prospects for the Development of Weapons and Military Equipment of the Land Forces', which was held at the National Ground Forces Academy.

Netizen ‘Snovavban Elektroshokovich’ said: "This device looks incredibly shameful, but it is remarkably funny... Silly people made it."

Ukraine's National Ground Forces Academy, based in the western city of Lviv, is one of the country's one of the leading schools of military education.

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