4WD Runs Over Teens Bike Blocking It On Pavement

CENPublished: May 22, 2018
Published: May 22, 2018

Anastasia Smirnova

This footage shows a black BMW X5 crush a teenager's bicycle on a pavement in order to illegally bypass a traffic jam as the brave young lad tries to stop the driver from breaking the law.

Not only was his bike destroyed and his leg injured but a passenger in the car also opened a side window to hit the boy over the head with what looked like a baton as they drove past.

The attack was filmed by the schoolboy's girlfriend on her smartphone and was posted online afterwards with the pair saying they informed police and want them to prosecute the motorist after the incident in the city of Yekaterinburg in central Russia's Sverdlovsk Oblast region.

Anton, 19, and his girlfriend Sasha had been riding their bicycles when they spotted a black BMW X5 car driving on the path reserved for pedestrians and cyclists to avoid a traffic jam.

Anton stood in front of the BMW with his bike to prevent it from making further progress but the car tried to swerve around him.

He moved his bicycle to block it but the car just carried on driving, running over his front wheel and hurting Anton's leg in the process.

As the BMW passed by, a passenger wound down the side window and hit the boy over the head with the baton.

Sasha had been filming the whole thing and later shared the footage on video-sharing platforms where it shocked viewers.

She said: "The BWM was trying to pass the traffic jam, blocking the entire footpath. I managed to pass through, but Anton didn’t.

"Then he decided to make a civil statement by blocking the car. There were three men in the car, they refused to move back onto the road, and started threatening him."

Anton and Sasha have reported the incident to local police, providing officers with the footage to use as evidence. Anton said he was left with a nasty bruise on his leg.

Police have reportedly launched an investigation and are trying to identify the driver.

Netizen ‘Tipichniy Oblastnik’ said: "I'm against the BMW driver, but the kid literally pushed his bike under the car."

While ‘Vshivaya intelligentsiya’ added: "Hope those guys will be found and their weapon will be confiscated."

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