Turtley Out Of Order: Arcade Game Full Of Terrapins

CENPublished: May 22, 2018
Published: May 22, 2018

By Gabriel Zamfir

This shocking video shows how an arcade machine was filled with live terrapins which players could win by grabbing them with a metal claw device.

And even worse, any of the terrapins that were captured were then taken across the device to be dropped down a chute to be claimed by their new owner.

The arcade owner has been accused of animal abuse after footage emerged of the claw machine which was filled with the terrapins.

A video shows the animals trapped inside the arcade attraction, which is more usually filled with cuddly toys.

A shocked onlooker filmed the cruel grabbing hand machine in at a shopping centre in the city of Wuxi in Jiangsu Province, eastern China. At one point on the video it actually picks up a terrapin but then drops it back inside the attraction

Half a dozen small terrapins can be seen crawling around inside the machine at the Wanda shopping centre.

Footage shows how players attempt to trap them in the metal pincer which then hoists them up into the air.

If a player is successful, the claw will carry the terrapin towards them and they will be able to claim their prize.

But as the video shows, all too often the struggling terrapins slip from the grip of the steel fingers before it reaches the prize shoot.

The clip shows one of the animals falling inside the machine, landing heavily on its shell.

After footage appeared online, Chinese animal lovers criticised the owner of the arcade machine.

But the unidentified owner dismissed the accusations, arguing that the turtles are never suspended very high in the air, or very long.

Last year a Chinese company filled a similar arcade machine with live mitten crabs.

The stunt was to mark the start of "Hairy Crab Season," the two months of the year when foodies flock to eat the popular delicacy.

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