Dramatic rescue of elephant calf dug out from 15-feet well

NewsflarePublished: May 22, 2018
Published: May 22, 2018

Forest officials have rescued an elephant calf from a well in eastern India by using excavators in a dramatic four-hour operation.

The two-year-old elephant calf was part of a herd, which had stepped out of the forest to find food. It fell into a 15-feet well at Jamujhara village, Dhenkanal district, Odisha state during the night of May 11.

Unable to rescue the calf, other elephants of the herd stood near the brick-lined well and trumpeted in distress.

A resident of the village Prafulla Das said: “We heard the elephant cries all night long. They left the spot and returned to the forest only when we went to the well in the morning.”

The villagers informed the forest department officials about the incident, who rushed to the well and saw the calf desperately trying to get out.

They used an excavator to dig the land and create a path to help the calf climb out.

It was then sent back to the forest in the direction of the herd with the help of firecrackers.

The rescue operation that started at 8am lasted for four hours.

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