Octopus stalks and devours squid near coral reef

NewsflarePublished: May 22, 2018
Published: May 22, 2018

This octopus skillfully stalks and kills a squid off the coast of Hawaii.

Footage filmed in November 2016 shows how the animal moves around the coral reef while tracking the squid, constantly changing colour.

The cephalopod moves quickly and snares the squid with its tentacles.

The filmer could hardly believe what he saw.

He writes: "While recording sea turtles I found an octopus and decided to follow it for a while.

"While recording, it changed completely white while crossing a sand patch that I thought was pretty cool.

"Just after that, the octopus started jetting around very quickly chasing a small black squid.

"After circling around chasing the squid, the octopus catches and engulfs the entire squid in one quick grab."

Octopi and other cephalopods are able to change colour due to cells called Chromatophores, which can change size and colour to blend in with the animal's surrounding.

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