CCTV Captures The Dramatic Moment A Household Is Struck By Lightning

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Published: May 18, 2018

Thunderstorms swept across central Florida on May 15, with one Daytona Beach woman’s security camera capturing the moment a bolt of lightning struck a house across the street. Cindy Holt told WESH 2 News she thought the noise was her boyfriend crashing into the driveway.

Dramatic video footage shows the horrific moment when a lightning bolt struck a house in Daytona Beach, Florida, on May 15. This video was captured on a security camera and shows the scary moment when this happened. Weather forecasters warned Florida faced an increased risk of lightning strikes as the city faced a potential storm.

This video captures a bolt of lightning falling out of the blue and striking a house in Daytona Beach neighborhood. A thunderstorm lashed the city in the early afternoon and knocked out power in homes and businesses. The scary moment is caught on camera, much to our disbelief!

Lightning struck a house in Florida, as an early morning thunderstorm hit the area on May 15. This security footage caught the moment when lightning struck a neighbor’s house on video.

Lightning strikes were reported in Florida as the central US was forecast to have a period of severe weather throughout the month of May. This video, recorded from a security camera, shows the dramatic fork lightning striking from stormy clouds directly into a neighborhood house. Horrible!

Many storm-related incidents were reported in Florida as weather forecast anticipated bad weather and severe storms. This footage shows the dramatic moment as spectacular lightning strikes over the town of Daytona Beach, much to our surprise. Creepy!

A single lightning event is a "flash", which is a complex, multi-stage process, some parts of which are not fully understood. Most cloud to ground flashes only "strike" one physical location, referred to as a "termination". Lightning is an astounding regular marvel that researchers are as yet attempting to make sense of. With jolt temperatures more blazing than the sun's surface and voltages now and then more noteworthy than 100 million volts, lightning is a standout amongst the riskiest and lethal powers on the earth.

On the off chance that your home ever gets struck by lightning, you will hear a noisy, intense blast that may shake your whole house. Numerous homes are worked to withstand lightning strikes without surrendering to real harm. This is the reason for lightning poles; lightning needs to get from the cloud to the ground as fast as could be expected under the circumstances, and lightning bars facilitate that adventure, giving the speediest course.

While remaining inside your home, far from entryways and windows, is the most secure place to be amid a tempest, several threats exist inside the home when lightning is included, paying little heed to whether you have lightning assurance set up. Nature can be full of surprises, sometimes they are good and sometimes they can be dangerous! Always try to be safe, follow protocols.

If you see smoke or fire, call 911! They will send the fire department and will asses the area of damage! Call a trustworthy electrician to come out and inspect your home wiring!

Credit: Cindy Holt via Storyful

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