Adorable Baby Girl Makes An 'Important Business Call'

StoryfulPublished: May 17, 2018140 views
Published: May 17, 2018

Everyone hates conference calls, right? And who calls anyone anymore? Well, maybe you would, if you got to talk to this little baby. Even though you can't understand any actual words, you can definitely tell how she's feeling. No question.

We think that this little girl is fed up with whoever is on the line. She just wants them to take care of her business and doesn't want to hear any excuses. We've all been there. You get a call from someone who can't figure anything out on their own and needs their hand held through every step of the process. You give them simple instructions, but they still struggle. You just want them to do what they're supposed to do without bothering you. Never works though, doesn’t it?

We feel with this little baby's frustration with whoever she is talking to. It's amazing what can be conveyed without any language. The video description says she has a CEO mom, so no doubt she's listening to her and picking up on speech patterns and tones. This little one is going to be a fierce one when she grows up. For now, though, she’s super cute and funny. Play along with her noises and just imagine what she's really saying. You'll be able to make this video feel fresh every time you watch it, by giving the conversation new words. Try it, it's fun!

Who is this? Bella, again? Uggh
How many times do I have to explain this to you?
Just get the stuffed animal, find me a book and get in here and read to me until I fall asleep.

Get in here now!

Hangs up. Hard to find good help these days.

There...that is a quick example. Now try one yourself. Imagine all of the funny things going through this little baby's mind. Then you can imagine all of the things she's overheard her mom on the phone says or does. It's amazing what can be extrapolated from a 30 second clip. Or, just sit back and enjoy the goofiness of little miss boss baby on the phone with her gibberish talk and laugh at it for what it is. Nothing but cute.

Another thing to think about while watching is whether or not you'd trust your baby with your smartphone. Those things are breakable and it's not like she knows how to be delicate with electronics yet. Good thing she's sitting on something soft during the video, because when she throws the phone down, it could have easily broken if it was on a hard floor.

Anyway, we hope there are more videos of this boss baby. Get her a proper work attire and see what other things she can imitate. It would be a lot of fun to see what kind of shenanigans this girl could get up to while trying to imitate her parents and learn about the world around her. Imagine getting into an argument with her. Would you be able to win against this cute baby talk? She'd just blah blah blah you until you caved and walked away. I might just try that approach on my own next phone call. Could work.

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