Truck Shatters Watermelon On Road Creating Real Hazard

Published May 16, 2018 3,094 Views $2.18 earned

Rumble / Close CallsThe video shows a car traveling on a road through a wooded area when it turns a corner and encounters a truck traveling in the opposite direction. The truck is in the process of losing its load of watermelons from the side of its cargo area. The car collides with some watermelons and drives over several others before safely coming to a stop. A group of motorcyclists following the truck are luckily able to avoid the spill.

The driver of the car says: "I was driving when an entire truckload of watermelons flew off a truck and covered the road." It is difficult for him to keep on driving since thousands of watermelon chunks happen to block his way. When seeing the shattered watermelons on the road, we have the impression that is practically impossible for the driver to make his way. He has to wait for some time before the other lane is free of vehicles so he can go on driving.

We see how people are running in disbelief to make a reality check if the watermelon spill really happened. Some are taking their cameras out to film this rare moment and make it memorable.

The driver’s dashboard camera filmed the moment perfectly well and the sound of falling watermelons that accompanies the footage only adds up to this drama. The driver of the truck is obviously not aware that he has lost so many watermelons. The moment he realizes, it will be too late since the chunks will be turned into a sweet watermelon juice