Check Out This Real-Life Narnia Wardrobe That Turns Into A Secret Bedroom

Published May 16, 2018 45 Plays

Rumble A doting mother has created a Narnia inspired walk-through wardrobe for her film fanatic daughter. Laura Medicus, 44, spent only $400 and six days creating a walk-in wardrobe for her daughter Sylvia, 12, which holds her secret bedroom on the other side. Utilising the spare room that was positioned behind Sylvia’s bedroom, Laura spent three weekends drilling through her daughter’s wardrobe to create the secret passageway.

Laura, an interior designer, said that her daughter needed a wardrobe to store all of her clothes. Fortunately for her, the back of the walk-in closet from the master bedroom was on the other side of Sylvia’s room. She decided to make that tiny space a reading nook for her daughter, as well as a growing wardrobe for the little girl. It started out as a reading space, but Sylvia loved it so much, she turned it into her own bedroom.

The crafty mother bought an old armoire of Craigslist and she reinforced it for safety. She cut through the back of it and opened a hole in the wall. She closed the walk-in wardrobe on the other side with cedar planks and decorated the little girl’s room to her liking. Nowadays, she uses it for sleeping, reading and watching TV, as well as hanging out with her friends. Wouldn’t you want a special place like this for yourself? That’s one very cool mom!