Incredible footage shows rat trying to escape albino alligator at feeding time

NewsflarePublished: May 15, 201874 views
Published: May 15, 2018

This white rat desperately tries to escape its fate as an albino alligator hunts it down mercilessly.

Extraordinary footage from Wisconsin Dells on May 14 shows feeding time at an enclosure at the Alligator Alley park.

The white rodent rests on the back of the alligator, which tries desperately to throw it in the water.

The reptile writhes and squirms and eventually gets the rat off its back, but it won't give up, swimming away to safety on a rock.

A slow chase ensues as the alligator stalks its prey.

Eventually, the alligator traps the rat and slowly devours it.

Its tail can be seen hanging out of the predator's mouth.

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