Top 10 Celebs Who Played Themselves On Seinfeld

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Rumble - Cameos, cameos, and more cameos! WatchMojo is counting down the top 10 celebrities who appeared on Seinfeld. We’ve included memorable and hilarious cameos from stars like Fred Savage, David Letterman, Marisa Tomei.

Number 10: Al Rocker. Longtime NBC weatherman and TV personality, Al Rocker appeared in Season 5, episode “The Cigar Store Indian”. Oh Al Rocker, what will do you do next?

Number 9: Fred Savage. Fred Savage may not be the celebrity he once was but that doesn’t mean he isn’t worthy of a spot on our list. H made a hilarious cameo in the season 4, episode “The Trip”.

Number 8: Rudy Giuliani. He made a cameo appearance in Season 5, episode “The Non-Fa Yogurt” in which he denounced a chain of frozen yogurt shops for false.

Number 7: George Wendt. George had a small but memorable role in Seinfeld’s fourth season. Gorge Constanza strikes a conversation in Corbin Bernsen while accompanying Jerry to the set of The Tonight Show.

Number 6: Raquel Weltch. She played a mean-spirited version of herself in the” Summer Of George” after Kramer mistakenly receives a Tony Award for a musical he had nothing to do with.

Number 5: David Letterman. Legendary late night talk show David Letterman had brief but notable Seinfeld cameo in the shows eight season.

Number 4: Marisa Tomei. Perhaps the most unlikely celebrity cameo in Seinfeld history if only because she was cast as one of George’s love interests. The date doesn’t end well.

Number 3: Bette Midler. When she appeared in the season six, episode “ The Understudy”, Bette Midler, essentially took over the show with her performance.

Number 2: Jon Voight. The Academy Award Winner appears on screen for no more than 20 seconds, yet somehow managed to sneak into our top two.

Number 1: Keith Hernandez. He may not have been the only baseball player to make a cameo during Seinfeld’s nine season, but he was definitely the funniest!