Cruel Couple Filmed Dragging Dog Behind Car

CENPublished: May 14, 2018197 views
Published: May 14, 2018

Lee Bullen

This is the moment a dog nearly goes under its owners' wheels as they drag it along in the pouring rain next to their car to 'exercise' it.

In video footage filmed in the city of in Puebla in the central Mexican state of the same name, a silver Toyota Avanza is being driven along a main road while dragging a dog by its lead, which is forced to run alongside.

Filming the incident, the driver of the vehicle behind the Toyota shouts to the dog owners: "Hey, get that dog inside. Get him inside the car."

However, the dog owners ignore his pleas and continue ‘exercising’ the dog in the pouring rain. The motorist filming the scene then makes a record of the Toyota’s licence plate.

The crusading citizen pulls up alongside the dog owners and shouts: "Let the dog in, it is getting wet." He films the couple inside the car, ignoring his shouts.

"I am telling you to put the dog in and you refuse. It is getting hurt, the dog cannot carry on much longer.

The animal is noticeably tiring and is barely able to keep up with the car and at one point it appears to almost go under the car's wheels. The kindly resident’s voice becomes more panicked: "Get the dog in, he cannot walk anymore!"

A white car also pulls up alongside the Toyota to remonstrate, and the dog owners stop the Toyota. The man reluctantly gets out onto the wet pavement with the dog. He is last seen taking it for a walk without an umbrella.

It is currently unclear if cops are involved.

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