Teens Winch Dog Out Of Reservoir With The Help Of Some Natural Materials

Newsflare Published May 14, 2018 22 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesThey say dogs are super smart, but with humanity being spread so wide, even such cunning creatures as canine can lose their way sometimes. Or their footing. This particular pooch seems to have lost its ground sometime in late December of 2016 and has fallen down a deep well in the area of Bhatkal - Soraba Highway, Uttara Kannada. If it weren’t for these two brave young men, it’s fate would have been sealed for good.

In this video, filmed in south western India in December last year, shows the good Samaritans winching the injured canine out of the water. They didn’t use any man-made rope or machinery. Instead, they grabbed some really long vines, tied a loop and used that to get the dog out to safety.

The filmer told the story online: "Me and my friends had been for a trek to Chandragutti hills ... then we heard whimpering of a dog. We followed the direction of sound and saw an undiscovered deep well at the top of the hill, and there was the bleeding dog in the water, which was vainly trying to come out."

"We searched for a rope kind of stuff to pull out the dog [but] failed to find any as it was uninhabited area," he continued. "We traced a creeper which was thick and pulled out, thinking it would help us.

As in video, we tried our best to bring the dog out of the well [and] could bring it out after few attempts. "The claws were bleeding as the dog had been trying to come out from past few days."

That is one lucky dog!