Teacher Pulls Chair From Under Girl In Viral Clip

CENPublished: May 11, 2018
Published: May 11, 2018

By John Feng

This shocking video going viral online with nearly 5 million views shows a cruel nursery school teacher pushing a little girl and pulling a chair out from under her.

The footage was filmed in China in an as yet unidentified city and has caused outrage online, with more than 6,000 netizens leaving comments.

The short video shows the teacher minding a classroom full of little children, with one girl appearing to be standing near a table where her friends are sitting.

The impatient teacher shoves the girl in the back in an attempt to move her back to where she should be sitting, but shockingly decides to punish her further by removing her seat.

The clip shows the poor girl moving to sit down on the plastic green chair but having it pulled out from under her at the last second.

She falls on the floor and the teacher throws the chair to the other side of the table as the footage ends.

The children are believed to be between the ages of four and five, with reports saying the video was filmed and shared online by the girl’s parent.

However, the name of the nursery school or where it is located in China have yet to be disclosed.

"As a mother, videos like this really make me want to hurt people," ‘Wang Xia’ wrote.

‘Siyuehua Fenfang’ added: "Can any random person become a nursery school teacher now? The standards are so low."

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