Emotional Soldier Watches His Baby Being Born Via FaceTime

USATODAY_HumankindPublished: May 10, 2018
Published: May 10, 2018

This soldier was rushing home to witness the birth of his daughter. When his flight got delayed, it ended up being a blessing in disguise. Cuteness overload!

Passengers at Dallas/Fort Worth airport couldn’t look away as a member of the National Guard was sitting on the ground, staring at his phone in awe. His wife was having their first child on the other end. Spc. Brooks Lindsey was trying to fly hundreds of miles with little notice to see his baby born, but his flight was delayed.

His wife didn’t know that he was delayed until he called her and told her the bad news, that he was not going to make it on time.

So Brooks found another way to be with his family for the big occasion. Reportedly, his mom used the FaceTime application at five o’clock when his wife Haley was starting to push. Even though the doctor said no videos were allowed but when they realized that this application was being used so that baby’s father can be able to watch the birth of his first child, they let him watch the whole thing.

His wife Haley says ‘honestly, it was a blessing because he would’ve been in the air and he would’ve never known anything about it, except when he would’ve been told and that is not the same as experiencing the entire thing with your own eyes.

Haley had an emergency induction due to high blood pressure and possible preeclampsia. Pre protocol, she called the Red Cross to get an emergency message to Brooks in Texas. Soldiers are typically sent home for births only if mom or baby is in an emergency situation such as this.

Brooks admits that he was a little bit freaked out, since it was the first birth he had ever seen. As soon as Brooks landed in Mississippi he went straight to the hospital and got to hold his beautiful baby girl Millie. Brooks, Haley and Millie got to spend a few days together before Brooks went back to Texas to continue preparations for deployment.

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