Amazing Everyday Hero Jumps Into Lake To Save Struggling Deer

USATODAY_Animalkind Published May 10, 2018 763 Plays

Rumble We’re pretty sure that this deer isn’t supposed to be in the lake. No one knows how the deer ended up in middle of a lake, or how long it had been there. A call to the local police department was just what the deer needed. A man jumped into the lake to save the deer and officers helped him pull it to safety. Swimming is tough work! And this deer needed a rest before heading home! Poor little guy, he must be terrified!

A man from Texas was the big hero that jumped into the lake to rescue the deer struggling to stay afloat and the incident was caught on camera. His name is Patrick. He didn’t think twice before getting into the lake and saving the deer. Authorities were summoned to the lake just before noon on Sunday, they say that is a normal and everyday event as they see deer in the lake all the time.

Officers from the area say that it can be difficult for deer and other animals to get out of the lake because of retaining walls that protect the shore from erosion. Patrick's rescue was successful, but people should always use caution around wildlife, even deer. They could kick you, cut you, hurt you. I mean, it would be a bad thing!

Thankfully this story had a happy ending, nobody got hurt and the deer was saved! Makes me see there are still good people in this world!