Clumsy Pooch Flips Head Over Heels Inside A Food Bowl While Eating

NewsflarePublished: May 10, 201855 views
Published: May 10, 2018

An amusing video has emerged of a Chinook flipping over its food bowl while eating in China. The footage, shot in Harbin in Heilongjiang Province on August 16, shows the pet instinctively raising his hind legs for several times while munching on the food. However, he fails to control them limbs and falls straight into the bowl. Adorable!

Video footage filmed in Wo Long Jie, Mudanjiang Shi, features a tiny pooch getting overwhelmed and ecstatic over eating, that he accidently falls inside the delicious food. The little buddy fails to contain its excitement and falls head over heels into his food, literally!

Watch as the little ball of fur munches on the delicious food with pure delight that somehow he fails to control his back legs. It is funny to watch! Apparently, the little buddy got too involved into the process of eating that he somehow lost hold over the reins and flipped over! What a memento!

Dogs are creatures of simple pleasures. They like their owners, their food bowls, and occasional walks to the dog park. This cute Chinook getting overwhelmed over dinner and eventually stumbling into his bowl full of food! Cuteness overload!

Have you ever seen a dog getting too excited for some food that he tumbles over its plate? If you just cannot imagine such thing happening, we suggest you watch this video!
As the video starts, we can see a little pooch munching on some delicious food. Moments later, the little cuties gets ecstatic over the sole idea of eating that he accidently falls head over heels into the bowl! How adorable is this! Despite of his clumsiness, the little pooch definitely has some serious issues with keeping a balance with the rest of his body!

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