Three Saved In Fatal Helicopter Crash Near Beach

CENPublished: May 10, 2018
Published: May 10, 2018

Alex Cope

This is the moment three people were saved and one body was recovered after a helicopter crashed into the sea near a popular beach.

The horrific accident occurred off the Barra do Tijuca beach in the city of Rio de Janeiro in the Brazilian state of the same name.

The helicopter fell into the sea 200 metres (656 feet) from the shore and reports suggest the pilot, named as Murilo Cesar de Castro Rebello, 57, suffered spinal injuries and drowned.

In the video, a fire service helicopter can be seen hovering over the fallen helicopter before lowering a cable to airlift the survivors to safety.

The passengers are taken from the ocean in a carrier hanging from the helicopter onto the nearby beach where they are treated by paramedics from the Maritime Rescue Group and were then rushed to the local Lourenco Jorge Municipal Hospital.

Local media are reporting that the passengers suffered non-fatal injuries and are being treated.

Alexsandro do Nascimento Oliveira, a street seller who witnessed the crash, told local media: "The helicopter was flying low, there was some turbulence and it fell. The crew managed to get on top of the aircraft. The pilot had his back hurt. When they moved off it he (the pilot) was bad."

The fallen helicopter drifted in the sea for several minutes before sinking, according to reports.

Another helicopter pilot, who asked not to be identified but was a friend of Rebello, told reporters: "He was an extraordinary person. He was a simple guy and a friend, he was unmistakable. He was a go-getter who had worked so hard to be where he was."

The helicopter was reportedly travelling to Cabo Frio, a popular beach town 153 kilometres (95 miles) north of Rio de Janeiro.

The three injured passengers have been named as Marcelo Freitas, Helio Leal Gomes and Paulo Fernando Pereira.

The helicopter was reportedly a Bell Jet Ranger model but is unclear who owned it.

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