Fire Chief Films UFO And Says He Speaks To Aliens

CENPublished: May 10, 2018
Published: May 10, 2018

Alex Cope

A fire-service chief claims he has made contact with a race of aliens in UFOs that have apparently been recorded flashing their lights in the night sky.

The chief of the fire service in the city of Rosario de la Frontera in the Argentinian province of Salta made the claims after he recorded the supposed UFOs.

In the video, a flashing light can be seen in the dark sky and is then joined by another glowing object in the footage filmed by fire-service chief Jose Exequiel Alvarez.

Alvarez said: "They are beings of light that have greeted humanity and they want to have some kind of contact with us.

"This new video, that I managed to capture between eight and nine o’clock in the evening, shows their presence."

Alvarez claims the aliens are from the Pleiades, a cluster of stars in the constellation of Taurus.

The fire chief told local media: "They say they are our ancestors and they contributed their DNA to the emergence of the human race. That is why they are known as our 'seminal' group.

"They have biology like ours even though their technological and spiritual development is greater than on Earth."

Alvarez believes that five UFOs have been hovering over the city for a month.

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