Car Bursts Into Flames At Petrol Station

CENPublished: May 10, 2018
Published: May 10, 2018

By Anastasia Smirnova

CCTV cameras captured the moment a car catches fire right next to a petrol station pump as the driver pushes the car back and staff rush to put the blaze out.

The incident happened in the city of Minsk in the central region of Belarus.

The images show a various people filling up their cars at a petrol station. In the centre of the screen a black Audi can be seen waiting for his turn behind another car at the pumps.

Suddenly flames can be seen under licking up the bonnet of the car. The fire seems to spread rapidly as it is not long before smoke is billowing out the car.

Luckily the driver acted on his feet and got out of the car to push it out the way of the petrol pumps, avoiding a potentially disastrous situation.

Clients and employees alike jump into action and work together to uncover a large fire extinguisher which they roll over to the smoking car.

Others can be seen moving their cars out of the danger zone as quick as possible, while the man parked in front of the Audi gets out his car which he leaves where it is and can be seen speaking on his phone.

The last CCTV images show firemen arrive on the scene and put out the car altogether at the now deserted petrol station.

Local media report that the fire was stopped very quickly and reason for the fire was most likely due to a faulty fuel system of the vehicle.

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