Brazen Bikers Incredible 4-Mile Motorway Wheelie

CENPublished: May 10, 2018
Published: May 10, 2018

Gabriel Zamfir

This is the incredible moment with nearly a quarter of a million views that a brazen motorcyclist does a wheelie on a motorway for nearly four miles.

Eyewitness Johan Wallis filmed the man with his smartphone from another vehicle on a motorway in north-eastern South Africa's Gauteng Province.

He later shared the clip on Facebook with the comment: "This guy entertained me today, riding on his back wheel from John Vorster in Centurion to the R21."

The video showing the biker do a wheelie for a reported nearly six kilometres (3.7 miles) was filmed in March but has only just been posted on social media where it has attracted nearly 200,000 views, 3,800 shares and 700 reactions at the time of writing.

Netizen 'Eric Fanyana' commented: "He is the bike master", 'Craig Smith' said: "Give that man a prize, he can sure handle that bike", and 'Tamryn McDuling' added: "What a legend."

Local media picked up on the video, with commentators divided on whether the biker was exhibiting skill, bravery or recklessness.

A wheelie is a manoeuvre in which the front wheel of a motorbike or bicycle lifts off the ground due to sufficient torque being applied to the rear wheel.

While impressive, the stunt seen in South Africa is no record breaker.

Japanese 'Wheelie King' Masaru Abe last year broke the world record with an incredible 500 kilometre (310 mile) wheelie on a Yamaha 125cc scooter around a track in Saitama, Japan.

Centurion lies between the cities of Pretoria and Johannesburg. It is home to the Waterkloof Air Force Base as well as the Swartkop Air Force Base, which includes the South African Air Force Museum.

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