Luggage-Stealing Women Caught After Targeting Top Cop

CENPublished: May 10, 2018
Published: May 10, 2018

By Alex Cope

Four woman who targeted airport luggage carousels to steal suitcases bit off more than they could chew when they pinched a top cop's luggage and were arrested after being tracked across the country.

Police used the latest high-tech surveillance techniques including face recognition technology to follow the blonde suitcase thief.

They eventually arrest her and the entire gang after the theft of the case at Brasilia International Airport in the Brazilian capital Brasilia where the Federal Police officer was returning from a mission.

In the video, the blonde woman can be seen taking a black suitcase from the conveyor belt and calmly walking out of the airport with it.

Local media are reporting that the woman soon realised she had stolen a police officer’s suitcase and abandoned it at the airport before trying to escape.

Reports suggest the officer had police equipment inside his suitcase.

The unnamed suspect managed to get to Goiania, 173 kilometres (108 miles) away, where she was caught getting onto a bus to the city of Belem, in the far-northern part of the country.

Cops arrested her and found her with baggage receipts from three other women who are also suspected of being part of the luggage-stealing gang.

All four women have been arrested and prosecutors believe the gang has close to 30 members that operate across the whole of Brazil.

Police lieutenant Valdivino Dias Marques Neto told reporters: "We used facial-recognition software and visually identified the woman. She has a history of committing the same crime.

"Through the investigation we know the group has close to 30 members and works in the whole country. They go to an airport, steal a suitcase and go to a bus station and take the luggage there."

Neto also said the gang go to music concerts and festivals to steal mobile phones.

Cops confiscated several phones from the women and are working to identify the owners of the stolen devices.

All four women are awaiting charges.

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